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Here are some shorts videos to help you manage the well-being of your horse.

Taking a horse's temperature

A horse's temperature is a vital indicator of its state of health. If you suspect your horse or pony may be unwell, it can be very helpful to tell the vet its temperature when booking an appointment. Here is a quick guide on how to take a temperature safely. As Mitch explains, a healthy range is between 37.5 and 38.5 degrees.

Applying a foot poltice

When applying a foot poltice, use elastoplast tape wound in a figure of 8 pattern around the hoof and over the poltice (with plastic side on the outside) and use the tape to lock it into place.  

Checking the third eyelid

The ‘third eyelid’ is located within the inside corner of the horse's eye. It lifts as the eye retracts and helps to protect the eye from trauma.  


They can be susceptible to squamous cell carcinomas, the second most common tumour in horses, and the most common tumour in the equine eye.

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