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Health Care

All horses benefit from a thorough annual health check-up. This helps to keep them in optimal condition and allows early changes in health conditions or soundness to be detected. Early management of health conditions can ensure greater wellbeing for the horse and may improve treatment outcomes and costs. An annual health check-up is a great time to ensure your horse is kept up to date with immunisations, dental examinations and parasite protection, as well as receive current nutrition advice.

Equine dentistry


An annual dental examination will aid in early recognition and prevention of dental problems, which enables a better outcome for the horse and owner. 

Immunisation / Vaccinations


We strongly encourage that all horses to be vaccinated against Tetanus, Strangles and Hendra Virus. An initial vaccination course is followed by regular boosters, which are essential for ongoing protection.



Horses can be affected by a range of internal and external parasites. There are a lot of different (and outdated) practices and theories about how to deworm your horse. We can assist with developing a parasite control program tailored to your horses and property. 

Nutritional advice


Nutritional requirements vary for different classes of horses (performance, youngstock, broodmares, geriatric). We can assist in providing you with sound nutritional advice and recommendations specific to your horse. 

Healthy Horse Packages


Illawarra Equine Centre provides discounted rates on annual health check procedures.  We call this our Healthy Horse Package.  If not previously treated, horses start with a Healthy Horse Starter Pack, which includes Dental, Hendra Vaccination (full course), Tetanus & Strangles Vaccination (full course) as well as Microchip, 2 Equest All Wormers and an in-house faecal egg count.  The following year, they move to the Healthy Horse Booster Pack, which includes an annual routine dental, Hendra Vaccination annual booster, Tetanus & Strangles annual booster, 2 x Equest All Wormers and an in-house faecal egg count.  

For full details of our Healthy Horse Packages, please contact us.  Ph: 4448 6488 or E:

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