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Pre Purchase

Before deciding to buy a horse or pony we recommend they undergo a thorough pre-purchase examination performed by one of our equine veterinarians. Naturally this does not guarantee future soundness, but it does reduce the risks for the buyer by assessing the horse’s current condition, identifying any existing conditions and determining the likely suitability for their intended purpose.

If at all possible, the prospective buyer is encouraged to ride the horse and assess its temperament and compatibility before any pre-purchase examination is commenced.

The extent of the pre-purchase examination will vary depending on the horse’s age, the desired use and its current state of fitness, as well as the purchaser’s expectations and the facilities available. We will always discuss this with the prospective purchaser prior to any examination.


Examinations are usually performed at the horse’s current accommodation.  A long stretch of flat ground is essential for trotting the horse out as part of the soundness exam.  

In addition to the standard pre-purchase examination, ancillary tests such as endoscopyradiography

ultrasonography and blood tests may also be included at the purchaser’s discretion after discussion with the veterinarian.

At the conclusion of the examination, we provide the purchaser with a comprehensive AVA pre-purchase report. 

NB – An examination for pre-purchase is conducted on behalf of the buyer and the information from its findings is confidential between the buyer and the veterinarian.


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