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At Illawarra Equine Centre we offer both chilled and frozen AI giving you access to a broad range of sires across Australia and New Zealand.


Our clinic is located only 2 hours south of Sydney Airport and has a courier returning 4 times a day from the Airport which makes it easy to arrange semen from all over the country and New Zealand.


When breeding at Illawarra Equine Centre clinic your horse can stay at our clinic to be closely monitored and inseminated. This reduces travel for the mare, making it convenient for you and more comfortable for your horse.

When inseminating with frozen semen, to maximise conception rates we ultrasound the mare at least every 6 hours, at 11pm and 5am. Once ovulation is close scanning increases to every 1-2 hours to insure insemination takes place very close to ovulation. A set fee is charged per cycle.

Our artificial insemination process includes most drugs and procedures used when breeding your mare. This eliminates add-ons, and makes our price structure user friendly. 


The set fee includes all follicle testing, artificial insemination, post ovulation scanning and basic post insemination treatments, which improve conception rates.  It also includes most reproductive drugs including prostaglandin, an ovulatory drug such as deslorelin, and oxytocin. Post ovulation infusions with saline containing antibiotics or plasma are included. All disposables used are included in the fee, including non-spermicidal syringes and AI pipettes. Also included is organisation for the delivery to the clinic of chilled semen.

Not included: 

There are a few drugs which are used infrequently and are not therefore included in the price, for example systemic antibiotics and altrenogest. Also sedation of difficult mares is not included. The reason for this is that they are not routinely used therefore it would be unfair to the majority of mare owners to incur expense for these when used in such few cases. The set fee does not include pregnancy testing, any swabs or uterine biopsies, caslick operations or investigations of infertility. Chilled semen transportation is arranged but the cost of the transport is not included nor is the return of any semen shippers.

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