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Travel Free

As ambulatory vets we travel throughout the South Coast region visiting clients and their horses every day. Our clinic is located at 90C Mullers Lane, Berry, where clients bring horses for treatment as an outpatient or for longer term boarding depending on their needs. 


We understand that it is often easier if we come to you as it saves you the trouble of transporting your horse to our clinic, however, the cost of calling out a vet, for some people, can be a barrier. To help reduce the overall costs of routine treatments or examinations at home (e.g. vaccinations, dental examinations, health checks, etc.) we offer all our clients a travel free day each week. 

Travel Free appointments are intended for routine treatments and are not used for emergency calls or specific visits for injuries, illness, or complex / prolonged examinations. They must be booked in advance.  The appointment time is determined by our schedule and confirmed the afternoon prior by our support staff. Appointments further north than Helensburgh or further South than Milton will incur some travel cost for the extra mileage. 


Travel Free Days

Tuesdays: Travel Free North (Helensburgh, Darkes Forest and Bulli) 

Wednesdays: Travel Free South (Nowra to Milton) 

Fridays: Travel Free West (Kangaroo Valley, Budgong and Wattamolla)

To book your travel free appointment please call us on 02 4448 6488.

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24/7 Emergency Service

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02 4448 6488 

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