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Case Study - Nasal Lump Removal

In this case study we meet Leo, a gorgeous 24 year old, brown and white appaloosa gelding suffering from a large mass in his nose which had been growing at an alarming rate. 



Leo's owners noticed a lump inside his right nostril in late January. It was the size of a pea and wasn't painful to touch. As the weeks progressed, it grew quickly and in February it was almost filling the nostril.  

Leo had lost some weight over summer but was starting to put it back on with the help of a twice daily hard feed. 



Physical examination

  • Leo's heart and chest sounded fine on examination.  He had a normal pulse and vital signs looked good. 

  • The mass was soft and smooth with some necrotic areas. 

  • His right eye had some scarring and vision was reduced. 



  • Leo came in to the Illawarra Equine Centre for head x-rays to determine whether any teeth or bone were affected by the mass. 

  • The mass was seen on x-ray as extending to the 3rd premolar.

  • A biopsy of the lump was sent to the laboratory for histopathology which showed that it was a benign tumor that was at low risk of re-growing.

  • A few days later Leo was admitted to the clinic and prepared for surgery.

  • Under anesthetic and sedation, a large (13 x 8 x 6cm) mass was removed from Leo's nasal cavity by Nikita and Mitch. 

  • Once the tumor had been removed, Nikita closed the wound in layers with absorbable sutures. 

  • The lump had completely blocked Leo's tear duct so they were flushed and his dry eye was treated with cortisone+chloramphenicol.


Ongoing Management


  • The following day the surgery site looked good and his eye was improving. 

  • Leo was able to be discharged from the clinic to be cared for at home. 



  • Leo's prognosis is good, and he has recovered very well from his surgery.

Post surgery.jpg
Leo - nose lump
Leo nasal xray_1.jpg
Nose Lump (1).jpeg
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