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Case Study - Tumor Removal

Louie's owner contacted Illawarra Equine Center to report a growth on his penis the size of a golf ball. 



Over the past couple of months, Louie had been troubled by a mass growing quite fast on his penis.  Over time it had become infected and painful.   



Physical examination

  • When examined by our vet the lump was 2-3 cm in diameter, hot and painful to palpate. It was found to be maggot infested.

  • The infected lump was preventing the penis from retracting and was occasionally bleeding. 



  • Louie was initially given a course of antibiotics to reduce the infection and was booked into the clinic for surgical removal of the lump.

  • The lump required a special treatment of Cisplatin beads to be formulated and inserted into the tumor.  Cisplatin is a type of chemotherapy which targets fast growing tumor cells.  

  • At the clinic surgery was performed to remove the lump and the Cisplatin beads were positioned in the sheath. 

  • Louie recovered well after surgery and remained for several days in a stable at the clinic where he could be monitored. 

Ongoing Management


  • After a month Louie was looking in great condition. The wound had healed well and the stitches were all removed.  

  • He will be checked again in a months and will have his sheath cleaned every 6 months. 

Louie 2
Penis Lump 2
Penis Lump
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