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  • Victoria Salkeld

Better late than never!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

This spring we have been on-hand to assist with a large number of equine births.

This was one of the unusual cases Dr Nikita was called out to recently. A lovely little mare had started to show clear signs she was very close to giving birth. Nothing strange in that you may think... only that the foal was already 5 weeks overdue, so there was a reasonable expectation that things could be complicated. As the Illawarra Equine Centre team had performed the artificial insemination for this mare, we could be sure her dates were correct.

Fortunately the mother did a wonderful job, and without assistance the colt was born fit and well and reached all his other birth milestones on time! He soon dried off in the warm spring sunshine and we are happy to report, he is doing exceptionally well and will make a lovely child's pony in the years to come. :)

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