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  • Victoria Salkeld

One lucky unicorn

Dr Mike O'Brien had a very unusual case recently, where a young horse managed to impale herself on a piece of wood.

Fortunately, her owner was quick to call us and within a short time, the wood was removed, and the hole cleaned and stapled closed.

The head of the horse contains a number of large air-filled cavities called sinuses which communicate directly with the nasal cavity. The wood had entered the left frontal sinus and therefore flushing of the wound was easily achieved via the entry hole with excellent drainage via the left nasal cavity. Had the wood entered the head any closer to the poll it would have likely penetrated the brain, so she is definitely a lucky horse!

We are pleased to report that the patient recovered well and is unlikely to suffer any negative long-term effects. Despite her best efforts, she will never be a unicorn! 😉 #luckyhorse; #unicorn; #equestrianvets; #illawarraequinecentre

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